Read at Home Plans

To support language and literacy at home, the District has developed a Read-at-Home Plan for grades K-5. The purpose is to provide parents with guidance and resources needed to help ensure their child is successful in school. This plan includes reading and multi-sensory strategies that you can implement at home as part of your daily routine or on-the-go to make a positive impact on your child's success in school.

Click Here for the K - 1 Reading Plan

Click Here for the 2 - 3 Reading Plan

Click Here for the 4 - 5 Reading Plan

Reading Scholarships

Attention 4th and 5th Grade CPE Parents,

Please see the attached letter and flyer regarding a Reading Scholarship available to students who in grades 3 and 4 scored a level 1 or 2 on the Florida Standards English Language Arts Assessment (FSA). Click on the links below for additional information.

Ms. Coleman

Reading Scholarships Available

Plantation I-Zone Meetings

Please see the attached flyer regarding the I-Zone Meetings for the 2019-20 School Year.

Morning Arrival and Cafeteria Meals

Just wanted to share information with you regarding morning cafeteria and morning arrival.

The breakfast line is open from 7:30 AM - 7:50 AM. At 7:50 AM, the doors are closed to ensure that all students have enough time to finish their breakfast. Our teachers open their doors at 7:55 AM, which is the time when the first bell rings. At 7:58 AM, students are dismissed from breakfast in order for them to get to class before the 8:00 AM bell.

We are doing a great job at morning arrival. Just a few reminders:

There is no traffic from 7:30 AM - 7:45 AM. The traffic gets extremely busy after 7:45 AM. Please leave your house earlier so you can get through the car line quickly.

When you are driving through the back loop as you enter the campus from Cleary Boulevard, please DO NOT stop and let your child out of the vehicle in the back car loop area while the traffic is still moving. Students should not get out of the car until the traffic monitors alert you to DROP OFF NOW.

Please be reminded that all gates are locked PROMPTLY at 8:00 AM. If they are not through the gate when the 8:00 AM bell rings, they will be required to go to the front office and get a tardy pass.

Please stay off cell phones when driving through the morning loops.

Please make sure that you are following all Florida Road Rules and Laws. DO NOT drop off students on Cleary Boulevard and Nob Hill Road. DO NOT make illegal U-Turns. You will be cited by the Plantation Police Department.

Thank you for helping us with our morning arrival procedures. Safety is always our number one priority and we need everyone to do their part.

Ms. Coleman

Changes in Dismissal

Friday was our first day of regular dismissal without severe weather and rain. We have never started off a school year in my 16 years at Central Park with this type of weather dismissal. Parents, we really need your help in not changing your child's dismissal, unless it is absolutely necessary. We are unable to take dismissal changes after 12:00 PM, unless it is an emergency. We need time to inform our staff and process your dismissal change. Please DO NOT email teachers after 8:00 AM with a dismissal change, because they don't always have time to open their emails during the day, because they are teaching. If you need to make a dismissal change after 8:00 AM, you will need to come to the office and fill out a change of dismissal slip. Otherwise, if you know in advance, send a note with your child to their teacher.

We have too many dismissal areas (carloops, park gate walkers, back gate walkers, CPE Day Care, Private Day Care, School Buses, and Bikers) and it is very difficult when we are receiving dismissal changes. We are dismissing approximately 825 students at one time and it confuses children when we have dismissal changes. Consistency is key for the safety of your children. Whatever you stated on the yellow paper you filled out at Meet Your Teacher Day, please stay with that dismissal and in that location. It is unsafe when you stated carloop and now you are at the park gate to pick up your child, and we are having to look all over the campus to find your child. We all are then worried and frustrated. We never want to lose a student, but we need your help to ensure you keep your dismissal consistent. Please remember, safety and security is our utmost number one priority at all times and our goal is to ensure that all students get home safely.

Ms. Coleman

Anti-Bullying School

It is imperative that you read the two newsletters and please make sure to discuss the section ӄiscipline MatrixԠwith your child before the first day of school. Broward County Public Schools has a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on verbal threats, bullying, and acts of violence. We will be having behavior assemblies with all grade levels within the first two weeks of school to review the Code of Student Conduct with all students. Before September 13, 2019, teachers will be reviewing and watching a video regarding the Anti-Bullying Policy. There is also a parent video available. Please visit for more information on this policy.

Cafeteria Payment and Menus

Breakfast and Lunch Menus from Food and Nutrition Services will only be sent electronically.

If your child received free or reduced lunch last school year, please make sure to reapply ( before the first 10 days of school. After the 10th day of school, your child will no longer receive free or reduced meals.

Also, you can pay and monitor your childҳ lunch purchases by applying for an online account at This is a great way for students to pay for their lunch and not have to carry money to school, especially for our younger students. Students can walk to the cafeteria from the morning loop or blue gate between 7:30 - 7:55 AM. Please DO NOT drop students off at the cafeteria. They will not be permitted to enter through that door.

Attendance and Absence Hotline

For your convenience, please remember that the Attendance Line is available 24/7 to report your child's absence. The direct number is 754-322-5702.

Also, new this year, you are able to send an email to our Attendance Clerk from our school website. Go to Scroll over the "CONTACT" heading and click on Report an Absence. Once you are on that page, click on "Report Absence Online" to fill out the form or click on Attendance Hotline: 754-322-5700 which will allow you to call the hotline directly.

Student Code of Conduct

"Parents and students, the Code of Student Conduct Handbook is only available online! Parents and students are invited to review the Code of Student Conduct Handbook and complete the required forms by accessing the Back to School Forms link found on the Broward Schools' webpage at (

Morning Arrival Reminder

We cannot stress the importance of the safety to our children, please familiarize your families with these safety arrival rules:

THANK YOU in advance for working with us and the Plantation Police Department to ensure a smooth and safe arrival. The traffic flow will go well by assisting us with the below procedures.

Please don't wait until the last minute to arrive at the school to drop your child off. The traffic is very light from 7:30-7:40 AM.
Last school year, many parents were BTIP'd and were required to report to the State Attorney's Office for a Pattern of Nonattendance Meeting due to excessive tardies.

No left turn is permitted into the school heading westbound on Cleary Blvd. after 7:25AM. The left turn lane will be blocked off with cones.

Do not make illegal u-turns or drop your child off on the roadway. Vehicles will be cited for these traffic violations.

Once you are in the car line to enter the school, stay in the line until you exit the school.

Your child should be ready to exit the vehicle before you arrive to the school. Please give hugs & kisses, lunches, and sign agendas prior to arrival.

Once your child has exited the vehicle, move forward and exit the parking lot. Watching your child enter the blue gate and walk to class severely impacts the flow of traffic.

Please stay off cellphones while in the carpool line. We had 3 minor accidents last year due to drivers on their cellphones.

Remember, a quick and safe arrival to school is always our goal. Once again, THANK YOU for assisting us with the arrival procedure!

Free & Reduced Lunches

The application to apply for free and reduced meals is now available.  If you received free or reduced meals last school year, you MUST still reapply for the 2019-2020 school year.  Thanks.

Arrival and Pick-Up Routes

We wanted to share traffic reminders with you that are very important regarding morning arrival and afternoon dismissal. During the entire school year, please DO NOT use either of the two entrances in front of the school on Nob Hill Road during the hours of 7:30 AM to 8:05 AM or 1:30 PM to 2:30 PM. Only school buses and deliveries are permitted to use the two entrances during that time. It is not a drop off area in the morning, including parking by the cafeteria, or a pickup area in the afternoon. Parents of children in the Central Park After Care Program are highly encouraged to pickup after 2:30 PM as we are still dismissing all students up until that time. Please make sure to adhere to this procedure so that you are not issued a citation from the Plantation Police Department. Thank you in advance for your cooperation. Below are other important reminders to assist us during morning arrival:

Please DO NOT double park behind cars or against any curbs in the parking lot. We need to keep the lanes free and clear of parked cars for our traffic flow to continue to move in the carloop. There is plenty of parking at Sunset Park if you plan to walk your child into school.

Please teach your child the route to their classroom as you walk into the school during the first three days. Beginning Monday, August 19th, we will have patrols to assist younger students if they are still not familiar with how to get to their classroom.
Please use the crosswalks and DO NOT cut across the driveways.

Stay off cell phones.

Please adhere to all Florida Road Rules on Cleary Boulevard and Nob Hill Road. The Plantation Police Department will be issuing citations for drivers who are speeding, dropping children off on the road ways and at the entrance of the school, making illegal U-turns, crossing double solid lines, etc. We want to keep all children safe always.

Thank you for assisting us with our arrival and dismissal procedures.

Student ID Badges

All students are required to wear their ID badge on a daily basis. This new policy began last school year and will continue again this school year. Students are permitted to purchase their own ID lanyard for their badge. Should your child lose their badge, they will be given no more than 3 replacement badges. If they should then lose their badge, they will be required to pay a $5.00 fee for a new badge. The fee must be paid through the website. If the fee is not paid, an obligation will be placed on your child's account.

Safety & Security

As a community, we need to adjust to a reality where safety supersedes convenience. I am requesting your support and understanding as we make the adjustments necessary to adequately safeguard the safety and security of our children and faculty.

Communication between the school and parents is critical, thus, we have established new protocols to facilitate our efforts. Moreover, we have revised our school procedures to enhance the security at the school. The new procedures are outlined below.
Parents will not be able to eat BREAKFAST or LUNCH with students on campus, with the exception of School Lunch Week (October 15th-19th).

School begins at 8:00 AM. An UNEXCUSED TARDY will be marked any time after that.
ALL visitors when on campus will be required to visibly wear their badge and return the badge before leaving the campus.
ALL volunteers MUST leave their badges at the front office when leaving campus.
Children cannot be called for early release prior to the parent arriving at the school.
Any dismissal change needs to be submitted no later than 12:00 PM in writing to either the classroom teacher (via email, note, or agenda) or coming to the front office to fill out a dismissal slip. It gets extremely busy in the afternoon with classes going to lunch, structured PE, and specials. It is difficult for the office to contact teachers to inform them of dismissal changes. We are asking that you keep your child's dismissal the same throughout the school year, because it gets very confusing when dismissal changes occur for your child.
Early dismissal is prohibited after 1:30 PM. NO EXCEPTIONS!
ALL calls to teachers MUST be conducted between 7:30 AM and 7:50 AM, and again between 2:10 PM and 3:00 PM.
We do communicate through the BCPS Parent Link System and Constant Contact. Please make sure that your current information regarding addresses and phone numbers are up-to-date at all times. If you move or change any of your contact information, please call Mrs. Kahok at 754-322-5700. If you have not registered your email on our website, please visit
Sincerely, Ms. Coleman

Lunch and Ice Cream Sales

All students will have the opportunity to participate in the free breakfast meal program at no charge for the 2019-2020 school year. The current lunch meal price for elementary students will remain the same at $2.00. Students who receive a reduced meal price will continue to pay the current meal price of $0.40. If students wish to purchase just milk, the cost is $0.50, and the cost for ice cream is $0.65 (sold once a week beginning the 3rd week of school).

Ice Cream Update: Mrs. Brodman, Cafeteria Manager, asked to pass on some information regarding Ice Cream sales on Wednesdays. If possible, please send your child with exact change of $0.65 or no more than $1.00. Many students are purchasing ice cream with large bills, which the cafeteria is not able to make change. Mrs. Brodman thanks you in advance for your cooperation.

Congrats to Mrs. Deutsch

Congratulations to Mrs. Deutsch, as she was appointed the new principal at Peters Elementary at the School Board Meeting on Tuesday, June 11th. The Central Park Family wishes you every success in your new position. We will all miss you.

Communication Information

We are preparing for a wonderful start to the 2019-2020 school year. We wanted to share with you how we communicate during the school year. It is important to be able to access the sites below to keep informed about the "Happenings at Central Park".

School Website - All Broward County Public Schools have transitioned to new websites. Please visit our website ( as it is updated on a regular basis with new information, events to the calendar, photos, and more.

BCPS Phone App - Please visit your app store and download the Broward County Public Schools app. Once downloaded, it will prompt you to choose a school. You are able to choose more than one school.

Cafeteria Payments - we encourage all parents to use the website if your child is buying school lunch. Many students lose their money and this is a convenient way to make it easier for your child. Also, you're able to track what your child eats on a daily basis and how much they spend from their account.

Estore - please set-up an account on the website, because that is how you will pay for your child's field trips and other activities during the school year.

Twitter - on our Central Park Elem Twitter account we will be sharing information and pictures from events at the "Park" throughout the school year.

PTA Website - please visit the PTA website ( as it is updated with new information continually throughout the school year. There is a lot of information about the wonderful programs that support school initiatives, fundraising opportunities, purchasing items such as the yearbook, school t-shirt, etc., volunteering, membership, becoming a room parent, and more.